Kendall’s Style

Kendall was recently seen out and about in Studio City. Her exact boots are from Fendi and are no longer available online 


Kendall was seen shopping a while ago at Lululemon with Kylie. Her exact shorts are from Free People but are no longer available online

* via.kendallkyluejstyle

Kendall was recently seen out and about in Studio City. Her exact bralette is from American Apparel and is available here


Kendall was recently seen going to the Jenner Communications office. Her exact jeans are from 7 For All Mankind and are available here. She is also wearing Chloe boots which are available here


Kendall was recently seen out and about. Her exact jeans are from J Brand and are available here. She is also wearing her Chanel espadrilles 


Kendall recently posted a picture on Instagram of her and Stass. Her exact leggings are from Strut This and are available here

* via.kendallkyliejstyle

endall wore these Kitson jeans while out around Calabasas!


Kendall’s exact top from the IHeart Radio event in Las Vegas is from Funktional and is availablehere (She wore a white top underneath hers so it wasn’t so revealing) 


Kendall was seen wearing gold jewellery and carrying a clutch at the IHeart Radio event in Las Vegas. Her exact clutch is from CC Skye and is available here, her exact cuff is from Gorjana Griffin and is available here and her exact ring is from Kendall and Kylie’s Metal Haven line from Nordstroms and is available here


Kendall was recently seen going to dinner with Kourtney. Her exact dress is from American Apparel and is available here. She is also wearing studded Converse, you can get a similar pair here and her exact bag is from Balenciaga and is available here


Kendall’s exact shoes from her flight to Las Vegas are from Ash and are available here


Kendall recently attended the IHeart Radio event in Las Vegas. Her exact skirt is from Zara and is available here and her exact shoes are from Steve Madden and are available here. We are still looking for her exact shirt 


Kendall and her family recently went to the vineyards. We have finally found her exact dress. Her exact dress is from Bebe. Unfortunately it is no longer available online. Kourtney has previously worn this dress, which you can see here 


Kendall recently posted a photo on Instagram of her at their Malibu house. Her exact shorts are from Free People and are available here


This picture of Kendall was recently posted. Her exact shirt is from Brandy Melville and is availablehere and her exact beanie is from Brooks and is available here



Kendall was recently seen out and about. Her exact shoes are from Sam Edelmen and are availablehere


Kendall’s exact shorts from when she was recently seen out and about are from Brandy Melville and are available here


Kendall and Kylie’s exact shirt from their recent instagram pictures is from Drake’s line and is availablehere


Kendall’s shoes from her recent instagram pictures are from Nike and are available here



Kendall was recently seen going to the movies. Her sweater is from Wildfox Couture and is no longer available online and her leggings are from Lululemon and are available 


Kendall was recently seen at dinner with Julian Brooks sporting the Devoted rebel crop top which Kylie has previously worn. You can get it here


Kendall’s recent instagram photo shows her by her pool. She is wearing Beach Riot bikinis and they are available here


Kendall’s shoes in her recent instagram are from Nike and are available here. There are others on Ebay you can get as well 


Kendall’s sports bra in her most recent instagram picture is from Lululemon and is available here


Kendall’s shoes from when she was recently seen leaving the gym are from DC and are available here 


Thank-you so much to Kendalls-kloset for letting us know! Kendall’s EXACT dress is from Love Culture and is available here, and it is not sold out!


Kendall wore the famous Zara skort while at her mom’s show!


Kendall’s shorts are from American Apparel and are available here, her shoes are Converse and are available here and her socks are University of Southern California socks and they are available here


Kendall’s amazing dress from Kylie’s Sweet Sixteen is from Rihanna for River Island and is sold out, but you can check it out here. Her shoes are from Christian Louboutin and are also sold out, but you can check them out here 


Kendall wore this Brandy Melville crop top (now available here!) and her Balenciaga cut out boots - available here in silver hardware!


Kendall’s shorts are from Lipsy and are available here 


Kendall’s sunglasses are from their Pacsun line and are available here


Kendall’s iPhone case is from Urban Outfitter and is available here


Kendall’s skirt from their meet and greet for ‘Metal Haven’ is from Nordstroms and is available here


Kendall’s backpack from her recent instagram photo is from LeCorb and is available here


Kendall posted a picture on Instagram of her newest ‘Essentials’, these Ash sneaker wedges in cobalt blue


This was requested a lot. Kendall’s rings are from her and Kylie’s ‘Metal Haven’ line and are availablehere 


Kendall’s outfit for their Metal Haven photo shoot 

Her skirt is from Nordstroms and is available here 

Her shirt is from Nordstroms but is no longer available online (I couldn’t find a link) 


Kendall’s bag from when her and Kendall were at the ‘Kris Show’ is from Chanel and is available here 



Kendall’s shoes in her and Kylie’s instagram photo are from Christian Louboutin and are available here



Kendall and Kylie’s cowboy boots from Kendall’s recent instagram photo are available here 


Her dress in the Chelsea Flower Combo Strapless Maxi Dress and is available here 


Kendall’s wore this perforated leather peplum top at their Metal Haven shoot for Nordstrom BP!


In Kendall’s recent instagram photo she is wearing this Rich Soil top available here


Kendall’s beanie is from Julian Brook’s line and is available here


Requested - Kendall’s Keychain

POSSIBLY EXACT Peanut Butter & Jelly Key Chain Set - available here

SIMILAR Raccoon Tail Keychain - available here

POSSIBLY EXACT Céline Bag Keychain - available here

EXACT Louis Vuitton Coin Purse in Monogram Vernis - available here

EXACT Kitson Jeweled Bear Keychain - no longer available

EXACT Louis Vuitton Key Pouch in Damier Azur - available here


not pictured: her lanyard is from Charming Charlie but only available in stores!


Kendall is wearing this Tori Praver bikini top! 


Kendall was recently seen out in Calabasas. Her leggings are from Lululemon and are available here. And, I am pretty sure the white coin purse on her key chain is from Louis Vuitton and is available here

(It’s a bit hard to see in this picture but she’s also wearing her usual Brandy Melville tank and Free People bralette!)


Kendall’s recent instagram photo. She is wearing and American Apparel top available here and Victoria’s Secret bottoms which are unfortunately unavailable online


Kendall’s Triangl swimsuits she has worn 


This is a photo from Kendall’s instagram a little while back. 

Her hoodie is from Brandy Melville and is available here 


Kendall’s denim vest from her recent instagram picture is from Brandy Melville but is unfortunately no longer available online. For similar ones check out here and here 


Kendall was recently seen wearing this Triangl bikini. It is available here 


Kendall was spotted shopping in Calabasas with her family

Her top is from Lucca Couture and is no longer available online (her colour top is light blue) 

Her shoes are from Toms and are available here 

We haven’t found her exact shorts yet, so I will update when we do 


Kendall’s 4th of July outfit 

Her bikini top is from American Apparel and is available here 

Her cardigan is from American Apparel and is available here 

I’m not too sure on her shorts. They look a lot like Bambi and Manson. But These ones are slightly different 


Kendall was recently seen out with Kylie wearing these shorts from their Pacsun line. They are availablehere 


Kendall’s Twitter picture shows her wearing American Flag socks. They are from the Arthur George line and are available here 


Kendall’s shirt in her most recent Keek is from their Pacsun collection and is available here


Kendall was recently seen shopping 

Her shorts are from Wildfox Couture and are available here 

Her bralette is from Urban Outfitters and is available here 

Her shoes are Chanel and are unavailable online 

Her bag is from McFadin and is available here



Kendall was seen arriving at LAX recently from New York. 

Her shirt is from Topshop and is available here 

Her cardigan is from American Apparel and is available here 

Her leggings are from Brandy Melville and are available here 

Her shoes are Chanel combat boots that are not available online



Kendall was wearing this outfit when going to indoor trampolines. Her hoodie is from Juicy Couture but is no longer available online. Her leggings are from Lululemon and are available here


Kendall was seen wearing her American Apparel Easy jeans available here, a Brandy Melville tank available here with a plain black cardigan when arguing with Kylie


Kendall has really been loving the wedge sneaker trend lately! She posted a picture of herself wearing these Chloe Wedge Sneakers (however hers are a slightly different colour) available here for $695!


Kendall is wearing these Ash sneaker wedges (though in a different, but extremely similar color). (via.kendallkyliejstyle)

Thanks to our dearest Maxine at kendelljennar we found Kendall’s body chain, which may be a little far from accessible. Buy it at Scosha for $3500! 


Kendall wore the American Apparel Easy Jeans yet again (this time in white) while at an event for The Sugar Factory.


Sharing is caring! Kendall wore this Nasty Gal crop top that Kylie had worn in an Instagram picture while at an event at The Sugar Factory!


Kendall was seen at LAX recently with her luggage. 

Her backpack is Louis Vuitton and is available here 

Her suitcase is Louis Vuitton and is available here


Kendall’s outfit from her at LAX recently. 

She is wearing their Kendall and Kylie Pacsun jacket that is currently sold out online but you can check it out here

She is also wearing a simple grey tank most likely from Brandy Melville, plain black leggings most likely from Lululemon and either her Chanel boots, you can check them out here, or her Steve Madden boots available here


Kendall’s outfit from her recent Instagram photos 

Her shorts are from Free People and are available here 

She is just wearing a simple grey tank which you can get anywhere 


Kendall is wearing this top from their Pacsun collection!


So thanks to the lovely anon, we have found that Kendall’s overalls. They are from the brand Michelle Mason. Missroyaa was also wearing them in her instagram but unfortunately they are unavailable online. They do however stock then in DASH Boutiques xx


Kendall’s shorts are available here 



Kendall’s recent instagram photo of her and two others at an Arthur George sock line photo shoot

Keep Calm sock are available here 

F*ck You socks are available here 

2 Die 4 socks are available here 


Rob Kardashian’s recent instagram photo shows Kendall wearing this Brian Lichtenberg sweater available here xx


Kendall wore this sweater while shooting for Rob’s sock line - Arthur George!



Kendall wore this dress to Kim’s baby shower!


Kendall wore this sadly sold out Zara shirt while shooting for Arthur George!


Kendall wore these shorts at the Arthur George shoot!


Kendall’s recent out-it while getting groceries

Her leggings are available here

Her flip flops are available here xx



Kendall’s outfit from her most recent trip to a salon! She looks amazing! 

Her lace bra is from Free People and is available here 

Her leggings, we are pretty sure are exact, and are from Brandy Melville and are available here 

Her bag is Balenciaga and is available here 

Her shoes are Balenciaga are are available here (however the website doesn’t have her color) xx



Kendall is wearing these sold out Paige striped jeans and these Jeffrey Campbell booties!


Kendall’s dress from her most recent instagram picture is available here 


Kendall wore this Nicholas Ponti peplum top and these (unavailable online) Azzedine Alaia boots to the Kings of Summer premiere.


Kendall is wearing this Brian Lichtenberg tank and these (though it’s difficult to see here) Mikohbottoms, in a different color. (via.kendallkyliejstyle)

Kendall wore this outfit shopping and then to Kourtney’s bowling birthday party!

She’s wearing this top (cred: stylebykendalljenner), this bag, these jeans (they are the Easy Jeans! You can tell from the button!) and Chanel espadrilles that aren’t available online!


Kendall’s outfit for the first meet up at Pacsun 

You can get here shirt here

You can get here jeans here 

And you can get here shoes here


Kendall Jenner in Mykonos, Greece today (Saturday, April 27th 2013)

Bikini bottom : Mikoh - Sold out, but you can purchase other colors here for $100

(Via. stylebykendalljenner)

Kendall Jenner yesterday in Mykonos, Greece (Saturday, April 27th 2013)

Top : Show Me Your Mumu - purchase here for $128

Shorts : Urban Outfitters - purchase here for $70

                                      Shoes : Chanel - Unavailable online


Kendall’s Cosmopolitan Photoshoot

Jumpsuit: Louis Vuitton EXACT! Unavailable online.


Kendall’s Outfit at Crumbs Cupcake

Jeans: 7 for All Mankind SIMILAR!

Flats: Chanel EXACT! Not Available Online


Kendall’s Harper Bazaar Arabia Cover

Dress: Marc Jacobs EXACT!

*Will update when I find the exact shoes


Kendall’s Church Outfit on Easter

Dress: Gypsy 05 EXACT!

Cardigan: Brandy Melville SIMILAR!

Shoes: Topshop SIMILAR

Bracelet: Cartier EXACT!


Requested - Kendall Jenner’s spiked sandals Sandals : Jeffrey Campbell - “Rivington” - Sold out (via.stylebykendalljenner)

Kendall at the clipper’s game (march 13th 2013)

pants: rag and bone - sold out

top: because it is such a basic tshirt/there are millions out there, and the anon who requested this just wanted a non see-through grey vneck i suggest these as similar options:

  1. current elliot - $180
  2. alexander wang - $90
  3. blank denim - $74
  4. LnA - $62
  5. spectrum - $13

Kendall’s sweater

top: brandy melville $56


jacket : (exact!) kendall & kylie for pacsun - sold out!

top : (exact!) kendall & kylie for pacsun - purchase here for $26.50

leggings : (exact!) strut this - capris, purchase here for $60

shoes : (exact!) havaianas - purchase here for $16.05


Hoodie: Chrome Hearts - $380, only available in stores. (via.jennerstyleguides)

Boots: Stuart Weitzman - $595 (Thanks anon!) (via.jennerstyleguides)

Kendall’s top and shorts are from CoSTUME NATIONAL’s Spring Summer 13 collection.  I can’t currently find a link to buy them online, when I tried to press the shop online link on their website it wasn’t functioning properly. If you’re serious about purchasing the outfit, you can contact them for further information.


Boots: Christian Louboutin - Sold out, browse through eBay for your size.

*I have been looking and even though I’ve found a lot of white distressed jeans I haven’t found any similar to Kendall’s.  If I do I will update!   (via.jennerstyleguides)

Bandages - Urban Outfitters - $7 (via.jennerstyleguides) 

Kendall’s Top: Kendall & Kylie - $44.50

Kylie’s Dress: Kendall & Kylie - $44.50


Jacket: Kendall & Kylie - $79.50

Shirt: Pacsun - $32.50

Skirt: Topshop - $26


Top: Kendall and Kylie - Sold out, but I’m sure it’s still available in stores.


Jacket: Nicholas - $790

Bag: Céline - Not available online.



Red Bikini Top: Coulbourne - $56

Red Bikini Bottoms: Coulbourne - $56

White Bikini Bottoms: Coulbourne - $56

Black Bikini Bottoms: Coulbourne - $56   (via.jennerstyleguides) 

Pants: Michael Lauren - $79  (via.jennerstyleguides)

Kendall at the Clippers game last night.

Top: LnA - $123

Jeans: Paige - $139.30   (via.jennerstyleguides)

Requested - Kendall’s New Keychain

Raccoon Tail: Harlett - $50

Key Pouch: Louis Vuitton - $365

Fox Ball: eBay - $6.99    (via.jennerstyleguides) 

Requested - This has been requested several times and it’s a pretty old photo but I just found the jacket!

Jacket: Fluxus - $158

Bag: McFadin - $396       (via.jennerstyleguides


Beanie: Topshop - $20

Hoodie: Brandy Melville - $33    (via.jennerstyleguides)


Shoes: Vans - $65

*The shoes in the picture look darker because of the filter on the photo.  (via.jennerstyleguides)

Requested - Kendall’s timberlands.

Boots: Timberland - $180   (via.jennerstyleguides)

Kendall’s new boots.

Boots: Azzedine Alaïa - $1,823  (via.jennerstyleguides)

Requested - Many many many people request that I do Kendall and Kylie’s bedrooms even though I ask them not to.  leftussilent sent in where to find Kendall’s furniture, so everyone go thank her!  Do not ask me for Kylie’s bedroom or anything of Kendall’s that isn’t here because I do not know and I have no intetions of looking for them.

Nightstand: “Claudia” Mirrored Chest - $879

Bed: Harlow Mirrored Polster Bed - $3,100

Mirror: Leaning Venetian Mirror - $2,099   



Blouse: Dolce & Gabbana- $1,245

Booties: Christian Louboutin - $1,395

Purse: Chanel - $1,584     (via.jennerstyleguides) 


Hoodie: Rebel Yell - Sold Out

Leggings: Strut-This - $65 (Different Color)

Boots: UGG - $195   (via.jennerstyleguides) 


Shoes: Christian Louboutin - $955  (via.jennerstyleguides) 


Boots: Balenciaga - $1,275    (via.jennerstyleguides) 

For those who have been asking for Kendall’s Christmas Eve dress, it is by keepsake and will be out March 2013.  (via.jennerstyleguides) 

Top: Ladakh (Cred. hux-taposition)

See the rest of the outfit here.  (via.jennerstyleguides)

Kendall’s Dress: Keepsake

Kendall’s Shoes: Christian Louboutin.  Not available online. (via.jennerstyleguides)

This robe is limited edition and used to be sold on Victoria’s Secret’s website.  Now it’s sold out but you can browse through several on eBay.  (via.jennerstyleguides)

Top: Brandy Melville - sold out but browse through other colors here.

Skirt: Motel Rocks   (via.jennerstyleguides)

Tights: Free People - Only mustard can be purchased online but black is still available in stores!       (via.jennerstyleguides)

Boots: Chanel


Pants: sass & bide (Thank you, alison817!)

Shoes: Converse


Top: Brandy Melville (Knot to get Kendall’s exact look)

Jeans: Paige


Ring Set: Jewelry By Veronique (Scroll down to Angel Wing Rings Gold)


Dress: Hervé Léger - Authentic not available online but you can purchase a replicahere (seems a bit sketchy) or here.

Shoes: YSL (Find your size on eBay)

*The dress looks a bit different on Kendall because she wore the straps differently…it’s a bit hard to explain but that’s why she has double traps in the front and single ones in the back.


Pants: J Brand *It’s possible that these are exact and just look different because of the way the sun is hitting it.

Pumps: Steve Madden

Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs - Discontinued.

*The sweater is not hers so it’s hard for me to find because it’s not available at her favorite stores.  However if I do happen to find it, I will update.
Jeans: rag & bone - Sold out but you can purchase them in black and white here.

Booties: Christian Louboutin   (via.jennerstyleguides)

exact shirt sold out moths ago, this is the exact pattern and brand- bm (the exact top is open back)      (VIA. kendall-kyliej)

pants are from planet blue-kendall seems to have folded the waist (final sale)

Dress: Keepsake   (via.jennerstyleguide)

Top: Go Jane (Will update if exact is found!)   (via.jennerstyleguides)

Pants: Dittos

Booties: Christian Louboutin

Jeans: J Brand         (via.jennerstyleguides)

Booties: Charlotte Olympia

*Her top is by LF but you cannot purchase their merchandise online, find a store near you here.- Kendall at the Justin Bieber concert last night.

Top: Brandy Melville (via.jenerstyleguides)

Pants: J BrandTop: Camp Beverly Hills (via.jennerstyleguides)

Pants: 7 For All MankindTop: Staring at Stars (via.jennerstyleguides)

Shorts: Brandy MelvilleShirt: EXACT. General Pants. Purchase here for $89. (Via.jennerstyleguides)

Kendall paired this top with her J Brand Jeans and Christian Louboutin Booties.Blazer: Leila Shams - Sold out, may still be available in stores.  Find a stockist near you here.

Shorts: May (Creds. kendallkyliekloset!)(Via.jennerstyleguies)Top: Lolli Swim  (Via.jennerstyleguides)

Bottom: Lolli SwimDress: lovers + friends (Via.jennerstyleguides)

Shoes: Christian Louboutin - Not available online.Dress: Brandy Melville (Cred. kendalljennerfashion for finding the brand! ♥)  (Via.jennerstyleguides)

Wedges: Christian Louboutin (Replicas, authentic ones can only be purchased in stores)Cardigan: EXACT. Topshop. Sold out.  (Via.kendalljennerfashion)

Ken paired these with Blue Converse High Tops and her Bambi and Manson Shorts.

Dress: BCBGeneration  (Via..jennerstyleguides) 

Pumps: Steve Madden

Vest: Brandy Melville - Sold out as well. (Via.jennerstyleguides)

Boots (not shown): Chanel

*The top/vest may still be available in i’ll update when I find the exact one :)

pants-michael lauren

hat- urban outfitters (kylie has the same one here, kendall was seen wearing this hat in bora bora and she showed it to us in her summer favorites video)Top: American Apparel

Jeans: J Brand

Shoes: Camilla Skovgaard - Sold Out

Exact but Different Style Here

Exact Backpack here

Exact Boots here

Exact Shirt Here

Exact Shorts Here

Top: Brandy Melville    (via,jennerstyleguies)

Shorts: Bambi & Manson

Boots: Chanel

Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs

crop top here- the exact color is a neon green

top here

bottom hereDress: Motel Rocks

Wedges: YSL

exact boots here-steve madden

shorts here- brandy melville ( could be exact beacuse kendall has been seen wearing these shorts a lot)

tank here-brandy melville (even if this is not the exact top its for sure the exact brand)

Top: PilyQ   (via.jennerstyleguides) 

Bottoms: PilyQ

Top: Andrew Charles - Sold Out    (Via.Jennerstyleguides)

Shorts: Bambi & Manson

Top: Mikoh Swimwear (Color is Seaberry)

Bottom: Mikoh Swimwear (Color is Seaberry)

Exact Bottoms Buy Here

 *If you want the same bottom color as kendall’s select ‘Sunset’ when ordering*

Buy Kendalls Shorts Here *They are exact but are a different color* 

Top: Fluxus (via.Jennerstyleguides)

Buy Kendall’s Short’s Here


Buy Kendall’s Pants Here

Buy Kendall’s Shoes Here

Buy Kendall’s Shirt Here

Buy Kendalls Shirt Here

Buy Kendalls Leggings Here

Buy Kendalls Bag Here

Buy Kendalls Boots Here

This Dress isn’t Available online but is from Here

exact bikini top here


Requested - Kendall’s Cover-Up

Dress/Cover-up: Stylestalker

Exact, buy this Hoodie - Kitson